NBC Could Be Expanding Its Thursday Night Comedy Block to Three Hours


It’s been an open question since NBC picked up Outsourced for a full season: where the hell were they going to put Parks and Recreation? Would they stick it in a new night, paired with untested new shows and away from the traditional Thursday night block? Maybe not, it turns out.

NBC is considering extending its Thursday night comedy block to 11pm after this season of The Apprentice staggers to a close. They would move 30 Rock to 10 and Outsourced to 10:30 while sticking Parks and Rec at 9 and new comedy Perfect Couples at 9:30.

It’s not a done deal, but it’s an interesting idea. It’s not clear how well comedies would do so late, but they couldn’t do too much worse than The Apprentice. And really, it won’t make a huge difference to a lot of people who watch NBC’s Thursday night shows on their DVRs or via Hulu a few days after they air.