New Gulliver’s Travels Trailer Remembers That Emily Blunt Is in This, Too


In Gulliver's Travels, Jack Black's stay in Lilliput — where he's a relative giant compared to the tiny natives — is depicted by shooting Black's already oversize mugging in extremely gigantic close-up. If that sounds like it's going to be a tall order for you (no pun intended, though we can pretty much guarantee that the movie will be filled with jokes like those), at least the new trailer improves on the old one by featuring Emily Blunt, Jason Segel (as ... Dick van Dyke in Mary Poppins, maybe?), and some very funny British comedians in Chris O'Dowd and Catherine Tate. Will they be enough to overcome a movie touted as "from the studio that brought you Night at the Museum" and a trailer whose major action set piece involves a shirtless Black repelling cannonballs using his belly fat? That would truly be a tall order for anybody, and this time, the pun was fully intended.