New Muppet Movie Will Introduce a Smartphone-Loving Muppet


We've been hearing for a while that one of the things that most excited Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller about scripting The Muppets is that they actually got to create a brand-new Muppet to add to the menagerie, and now EW has the first look at him: a "twentysomething Everypuppet" named Walter, who rooms with Segel's character and venerates the other Muppets. "Walter has a little bit of a self-confidence issue because he's the only person like him that he's seen aside from the Muppets," Segel told EW. "His dream is to meet the Muppets and be around people who are like him." He also carries a smartphone, making this two Segel-Stoller family films in a row (after Gulliver's Travels) that prove that little creatures love nothing more than iPhones and product placement. [Coming Soon]