James Franco May Join Nicole Kidman in Sweet Bird of Youth


For a few months now, Nicole Kidman's been set to star in next fall's Broadway revival of the Tennessee Williams classic Sweet Bird of Youth, but who will play the Chance Wayne to her Alexandra Del Lago? According to Roger Friedman, busiest man in show business James Franco is in negotiations for the role, provided he can schedule rehearsals around his continued college coursework. Kidman and Franco will have plenty of time to discuss the play further, as they'll be awards-circuit staples this winter for their work in Rabbit Hole and 127 Hours, respectively; of course, Franco will also be co-hosting the Oscar ceremony that Kidman is expected to attend as an eventual nominee. (Still, it would be wise for Nicole to insist on more than a handshake deal from the notoriously limbless actor.) [Showbiz 411]