Party Lines Slideshow: Famke Janssen, Moby, Colin Firth at The King’s Speech Premiere


Oscar favorite The King's Speech premiered at the Ziegfeld Theater last night, and Vulture was there, as always, to ask questions tangentially relevant to the movie's subject matter. Since Speech is about King George VI overcoming a stammer, we queried Famke Janssen about her toughest onscreen accent job. Thankfully, she answered us earnestly: "You know, it probably started with coming to America and having to master an American accent, so there’s that. And then, overcoming hurdles like being a model to become an actress. Then, some of the parts I had to play; I started out playing a Bond girl with a thick Russian accent. Now I’ve directed my first movie, so they keep coming, and I keep inviting them: big hurdles." For more inspiring celebrity quotes, click through our Party Lines slideshow.