Party Lines Slideshow: Sarah Paulson, Al Pacino, Jesse L. Martin, and More at The Merchant of Venice’s Opening Night


At opening night of The Merchant of Venice at the Broadhurst Theatre last week, Vulture caught up with Sarah Paulson and asked the pertinent question: So, how’s your credit? "I only got an American Express card recently because they waited ten years to give me another one from the first one I had that had to be cut up," Paulson told us. "I was 19 and I got my first job, and I suddenly had money that I’d never had before. I didn’t understand that when you put the plastic down, you owe the money. So I got a little overexcited. I didn’t declare bankruptcy, but they did not want me to have an American Express card ever again." And do you ever loan people money with stipulations? "I’ve done things like, 'You owe me $6000. You have to pick me up from the airport. Again and again and again and again.'" For more celebrities talking usury, click through our Party Lines slideshow.