Party Lines: Vampires Paul Wesley and Denis O’Hare Swap Fan-Biting Stories at Elling Premiere


It turns out that people who play vampires on TV have a lot in common. At the opening night of his new play, Elling, in which he and Brendan Fraser play odd-couple roommates, Denis O'Hare told us that he gets an odd request from the fans waiting by the stage door. "I can't tell you how many pictures I've taken of me biting people on the neck," he said. The Vampire Diaries' Paul Wesley, there in a show of vampire solidarity, concurred. "People ask me to bite them. Like, often." Does he ever oblige? "Uh, I bit a girl on the arm once. She was really happy. Don't ask. People that ask me to bite them don’t quite exactly fit the category of normal to begin with." For more talk of vampires and bad roommates, see the Party Lines slideshow.