Over 200 Possibly Stolen Picasso Works Turn Up in French Electrician’s Garage


More than 270 previously unknown works by Pablo Picasso recently surfaced when 71-year-old Pierre Le Guennec, who worked as an electrician for the Spanish artist, sought to have them authenticated by the late artist's estate, the Picasso Administration said Monday. The previously unseen collection includes all the fan favorites: Cubist collages, sketches, and a watercolor, worth about $80 million total. Oh, maybe it wasn't such a good idea for this guy to suddenly admit he's hiding a huge stash of Picassos: "In a twist, Le Guennec found himself slapped with a lawsuit filed by Pablo Picasso's son, Claude Picasso, and five other heirs who say the works were stolen," CNN reports. A lawyer for the Picasso estate explained: "It doesn't make sense that Picasso would give away 271 works. There are no documents which prove that this man was Picasso's close friend. It is simply unbelievable." But Le Guennec insists: "It was madame who gave them to me, because he was pleased with my service." On the upside, the Picasso estate has confirmed the works' authenticity. So maybe Picasso just really, really valued his electrician?

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