Power-Hungry Taylor Swift Sets Sights on Beyoncé


Just announced: NBC's Taylor Swift: Speak Now, a very special Thanksgiving event, which will feature the ruthlessly dominant country singer performing songs from her latest streamroller of an album in various locations, including Central Park and a tour bus. Of course, Beyoncé had already announced a Thanksgiving special, meaning now the two will be directly competing for the attention of pop-music fans on the holiday. Apparently not satiated with trumping Susan Boyle in sales and trumping Kanye West in the realm of general public perception, Swift wants to take yet another titan down. Rest assured, if this succeeds, Swift won't stop at Beyoncé. Gaga — can you hear the footsteps coming? Update: Good news — an NBC publicist has informed us that Swift's special was actually announced before Beyoncés, meaning you can now enjoy all of this Thanksgiving entertainment without thinking about how it impacts the overall career arcs of the entertainers. [Billboard]