Red Riding Hood Trailer: The Dangers of Lusting for Werewolves


Well, based on the trailer for Red Riding Hood, director Catherine Hardwicke’s follow-up to Twilight, it seems safe to assume she was always on Team Jacob. In her angsty reinterpretation of the fairy tale, Amanda Seyfried (in the titular part) lives in a village being targeted by a murderous werewolf, but one who turns into a foxy (wolfy?) dude during the daytime. Is the smoldering young man (Shiloh Fernandez) who's not right for her actually a granny killer? (My what big ... teeth you have!) Or is it one of her neighbors, hiding inside his thatched-roof hut? Though the tone is more melodramatic than Buffy's was (big sweeping shots, intense music, red capes in the snow), Hardwicke's in Joss Whedon territory here. She's using a fairy tale as an allegory of sexual maturity, and a creature of legend to explore the age-old question, what do you do when your boyfriend's a monster and you're super-hot for him anyway?