Republicans Love Hit Shows, Democrats Love Shows No One Watches (and the Kardashians)


Which TV shows find themselves favored most by Republicans, and which lean disproportionately Democrat? According to a study conducted by media-research company Experian Simmons, Republicans prefer watching huge ratings hits and procedurals, while Democrats prefer serialized dramas, especially if they're on cable. Also, Modern Family is the scripted show with the highest disproportionately Republican viewership (perhaps Cam and Mitchell are more subversive than we'd thought), though Republicans also love V, what with its evil aliens trying to nationalize health care. Democrats prefer Mad Men and premium-cable dramas like Damages and Dexter, but there is an interesting anomaly: Two of the top five Dem-leaning shows are Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami and 90210, suggesting that the biggest threat to continued Republican gains in 2012 will come from avid readers of Us Weekly. [Live Feed/HR]