Rich Sommer Did Not Mean to Suggest There Won’t Be a Fifth Season of Mad Men


Earlier today, Rich Sommer, Mad Men's Harry Crane, tweeted, "I have no idea if there'll be a season 5 of MM. I am operating under the assumption there won't be til I hear otherwise." The tweet, which inevitably set off a bit of a "say what?!" frenzy, has since been deleted, and Sommer is clarifying on his blog. "What I meant," he writes, "I am aware that all parties involved are currently negotiating the next season of Mad Men and beyond. Nothing official has been stated yet as far as a pickup, although it is a safe bet — very safe bet — that the show will return in its usual fashion. That being said, as an actor who used to be unemployed a lot, and as a father of two, I choose to operate under certain pretenses, until I hear otherwise. Meaning: until I get my official pickup, I am squirreling away money and seeing a shrink to help me cope with being in this business. I will return to calm when we get the official word." So, Mad Men season five, still on track! Commence breathing. [Rich Sommer]