So When Will the Spider-Man Musical Actually Open?


Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark's problems may be bigger than just an unrecoupable-seeming $65 million budget and a state investigation into the Broadway show's actor-breaking aerial stunts. Even though Dark is scheduled to begin previews on November 14, reports the Post's Michael Riedel, it's not yet been rehearsed in its entirety, only as individual scenes, so none of the transitions have been mapped out ("We're less than two weeks away, and we have no idea what the running time is going to be," says someone involved). Speculation is previews could be delayed by a week, and the show's planned December 21 opening pushed back to sometime in January. And if state regulators tomorrow deem the show's stunts too dangerous — and why would they? — it could cause further delays. Maybe they could save money on advertising if they bumped it to 2012.

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