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Soulja Boy Explains Why He Has So Many Websites Named After Him

The rapper sat down with Lee Hawkins of The Wall Street Journal for a weirdly riveting extended conversation — nearly as riveting as that time he used money to blow his nose — on making it big on MySpace and brand management. (Video embedded below.) First, he explained why he owned the urls for twenty websites:

I just thought I should build as many web sites as possible, because when I was unsigned, when I was on the ground tryin' to come up, I made a lot of different web sites trying to get my name out there:,, and now that I'm in the position that I'm in now, I just like to take all of my creative ideas, and put them on a website for my fans to interact with, to give them something to do.

Then, when Hawkins asked how he planned on differentiating himself from older hip-hop moguls like Jay-Z, Soulja Boy made a proposition that sounded like he had plans on dislodging Mark Zuckerberg, too:

I had thoughts of creating the 'next' social media site, like Facebook or Twitter, and I just wanted to take Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Youtube, and all that and combine it into one social media outlet and just go crazy with it. That's something that I had thoughts of doing.

Here's the video:

Soulja Boy Talks About Being a Social Media Star

Photo: Taylor Hill/Getty Images