Source Code Trailer: Jake Gyllenhaal Is Stuck in the Matrix


The trailer deluge of the last few weeks continues on with Source Code — the second feature from Duncan Jones, the director of Moon — a Jake Gyllenhaal action-thriller that plays like Inception, The Matrix, and Déjà Vu all rolled around on the floor and made a baby. Gyllenhaal is a soldier who has to figure out who bombed a train by zapping into the body of a man on that train for the last eight minutes of the guy's life, over and over again. (So, if not an Inception-Matrix–Déjà Vu three-way, then Groundhog Day with national-security concerns.) Of course, while doing this high-tech zapping, made possible by "the source code" ("You are inside the source code," says Jeffrey Wright), Gyllenhaal falls in love with the guy's girlfriend (Michelle Monaghan) and so has to keep returning to the scene of the crime to see if he can't rescue her and alter reality. (Oh look, here we are again in the desert of the real. If no one's going to bring water, how about a guide to arbitrary plot loopholes?) It's all fairly taut (though, what are the ultimate stakes? Can Gyllenhaal's character die? Or at least end up going insane spending eternity in the fourth level of someone else's subconscious?), the cast is good, and, seeing as this is from the guy who made Moon, things may not be what they appear to be. Redpill, anyone?