Taylor Momsen Put on ‘Indefinite Hiatus’ From Gossip Girl


Taylor Momsen will begin an indefinite hiatus from Gossip Girl after next Monday's episode, despite only appearing in a grand total of three episodes so far this season. How long is indefinite? "Sources confirm that Momsen's Jenny will be MIA for at least four episodes, beginning with the show's mid-season finale on December 6." A Gossip insider maintains that Momsen's airtime was reduced for strictly creative reasons, and not because the 17-year-old actress posed half-naked in hooker heels on the cover of Revolver, or because she (allegedly) doesn't remember her lines and "sleepwalks" through her role. All of which means the Gossip Girl team has come up with some creative way to ship Jenny off once more. Perhaps the sight of her face brings Blair to apoplexy and attack? Or Agnes returns and puts Jenny in a coma? [Deadline]