Real-Life Real World Victories Continue As the Miz Wins WWE Title


Forgive us for only just now getting to this news, but we needed time to process its far-reaching ramifications: Wrestling-obsessed The Real World: Back to New York alum Mike Mizanin was crowned the heavyweight champion of the WWE this week, triumphing over both Randy Orton and The Real World's occasionally career-dooming tendencies. When measured against Sean Duffy's recent election to Congress, Mizanin's victory may in fact be a bellwether of future Real World accomplishments to come; no longer can we say that the perfectly okay acting résumés of Jacinda Barrett and Jamie Chung are all the long-running show can boast in the way of notable post-reality careers. Excited? Or do you feel more like the grim little girl the WWE cameras cut to after the Miz's oiled-up, orange victory?