The Situation Is Lonely


GQ goes long on The Situation in this month's issue, profiling Jersey Shore's Mike Sorrentino with a page count previously reserved only for presidents and kings. And yet, is The Situation not American royalty of a sort? After all, GQ claims that Sorrentino has been knighted by both Leonardo DiCaprio (who recently ran into the Sitch at a club and crowed, "GTL all day, baby") and Hollywood (one producer offers Sorrentino "a small part in the movie adaptation of a recent nonfiction best seller" — any guesses?). Still, the crown sits uneasy upon Sorrentino's gelled head, as he bemoans "the scrutiny. And the microscope. Obviously it's a blessing — the women and the money and the fame, but at the same time it's — it's actually very lonely. Very lonely ... When it comes to women, y'know, obviously, they're throwing themselves at you — but for what reasons, you know what I mean?" [GQ]