There Is Now Actual Footage of Shyne in Israel


Earlier this month, Vulture directed your attention to the New York Times' wonderful profile of Shyne — the onetime Bad Boy artist who recently left prison after a nine-year sentence stemming from the infamous Diddy-J.Lo nightclub shooting — in Jerusalem. Now CNN has actual footage of the self-named Moses Levi in action, and it's also pretty great: Seeing Shyne fit right in while praying at the Kotel is engaging enough, but the fact that he's wearing Ray-Bans and a Kurt Cobain T-shirt along with his yarmulke in the interview portions of the segment really won us over. By the way, Shyne once again makes it clear that his strict adherence to the faith predates his prison sentence, and there is nothing seen here that suggests he is anything other than a genuine convert. And with that said: This is a great PR move! His first few post-prison tracks made it seem like Shyne had spent the last nine years actively trying to forget how to rap (there are brief, indecipherable bits of what is apparently new Shyne material cut into the segment), but now the narrative has been completely hijacked by his geographical relocation. And the question now is: When will Diddy make his way to Israel for the inevitable dramatic reunion? [RapRadar]