Two and a Half Men Is Notorious Incest Criminal’s Favorite Show


What does your favorite TV show say about you? According to a new survey spotlighted by AdAge, plenty: 47 percent of the people who watch The Office have superiority complexes, while Democrats are 124 percent more likely to watch Mad Men than people of other political persuasions. In light of that information, then, how should we take the following statement from a jailhouse interview with Josef Fritzl, the notorious Austrian criminal who locked his daughter in a sex dungeon for decades: "My favorite show is Two and a Half Men with Charlie Sheen. The little boy who plays along because he reminds me of my son. It relaxes me, I need to laugh. Because it destroys the soul, if you are always sad." This is not the support that Charlie Sheen was looking for this week. [Bild via Gawker]