It’s a Uwe Boll Trailer Double Feature, and It’s Horrible


Never let it be said that Uwe Boll is not a hardworking hack. While other filmmakers can slave over a project for years, Boll is a spastic assembly line machine, frantically spewing out defective films like so many one-legged pants. Today, as Movieline points out, the schlock engine that is Boll delivers not one but two trailers for his upcoming projects. First, the "Superhero comedy" Blubberella about a half-human, half-vampire, Nazi-killing, Pilates-doing fat lady. Nothing particularly makes sense — what era are we in? Why oh why is Clint Howard here? — but at least it's supposed to be insanely dumb, not incidentally, offensively so. And the one scene where Blubberella goes into "slo-motion" but it's clearly just the actress moving really, really slowly is totally riveting.

And, as if to prove Blubberella's relative charms, there exists the trailer for Boll's Bloodrayne 3: The Third Reich, which appears to be the exact same movie, with more blood, the same cast, and no obvious acknowledgment that it is horrible.