You Can Now E-mail Warner Bros. Directly With Useless Requests for Veronica Mars Movie


On Friday, three years after the cancellation of Veronica Mars, five months after producer Joel Silver said a Veronica Mars movie wasn't going to happen, and with Kristen Bell next appearing in Burlesque, Warner Bros. decided it was as good a time as any to create an official e-mail address where you can send your pleas for a Veronica Mars movie. While this is surely better than sending pro-Mars letters/e-mails/objects into the WB void, the entirely random timing leads us to believe Warner Bros.' main aim here may have been to create a quarantine zone for Veronica Mars obsessives, so they stop filling random WB employees' in-boxes. But, on the off chance that this might actually help get a movie made, well, you know what to do. [Playlist]