Vulture’s Roger Sterling Contest: We Have Winners!


Yesterday we asked you to submit your best Roger Sterling–isms, quips Mad Men's Roger Sterling might plausibly utter, for a chance to win a copy of Sterling’s Gold: The Wit and Wisdom of an Ad Man. Thanks to all who entered: It is totally possible to imagine Roger Sterling saying all of them! ("Don't waste my time; just take your skirt off.") Still, we could only select two winners. And they are:

"Pop Art? You can pop a cherry, a pimple, or a weasel. This whole Pop Art thing was probably invented by some schmuck from BBDO, Campbell." —BELLEduSoup

"There are three things every little boy dreams of getting to say when he grows up: "stop the presses," "follow that cab," and "your money's on the dresser." —GardnerBarnes