Yet Another 127 Hours Fainter: ‘It Was Very Embarrassing’


And the 127 Hours fainting derby continues: A Denver viewer who passed out during the film just sent his heretofore undocumented case to Movieline: "My main concern was not crying in front of my wife’s friends during the emotional parts. To be honest, I wish I would have cried ... It was very embarrassing. I passed out sitting up with my eyes open. My wife tried to talk to me and noticed I was unresponsive, even though my eyes were wide open. She of course freaked. Somebody called 911." The man did suggest that hunger and dehydration may have been partially to blame for his fainting, though he noted, "Not sure if I had a full stomach if I also would have vomited and passed out." Still, that's an excellent, underreported silver lining for Fox Searchlight: So far, 127 Hours screenings have been vomit-free! [Movieline]