Yo La Tengo Pioneers the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Tour


What's a long-running, critically acclaimed indie-rock act to do when the prospect of yet another round of politely received tour dates just isn't cutting it? If you're Yo La Tengo, you get a little crazy. On their next tour, the band will lug around a Wheel of Fortune–type contraption, one plastered with various performance options; the first half of every evening, then, will be dedicated to whatever fate has in store. Possible awesome sounding options: "The Freewheeling Yo La Tengo: You ask a question; we answer the question, and maybe follow up with a song"; "The Name Game:
Have you ever noticed how many Yo La Tengo songs include someone’s name? More than 45 minutes’ worth, that’s for sure, so who knows which ones we’ll do on any given night"; "Sitcom Theater: The lucky audience in attendance the night the wheel lands on this space will get to see band and crew act out a classic sitcom." (Pitchfork confirms: This is real). Will it be inspiration for a rash of indie-rock performance art, or a one-off curio? Either way: Vulture salutes you, Yo La Tengo. [Official site]