Your Weekly $#*! My Dad Says vs. 30 Rock Ratings Battle Update


We’re back after missing a week due to 30 Rock’s Halloween hiatus, but don’t worry, the battle is still raging. Last night, 30 Rock drew a respectable 5.3 million viewers, which is a 9% increase from 2 weeks ago. $#*! My Day Says, however, pulled in a much more respectable 10.9 million viewers, which is a 10% increase over last week. God dammit, Shatner.

In other Thursday night ratings news, it’s a good thing NBC ordered two new episodes of Community before last night’s episode, as its viewership dropped 21% from last week. But to be fair, it was at 8:30 last week and not up against those viewer-hogging jerks at The Big Bang Theory. Last night’s numbers were identical to two weeks ago, so back to normal, I suppose.