A.C. Newman Doing His Part to Bring Back TV Theme Songs


Last night NBC premiered Perfect Couples, the peacock's new sitcom about three imperfect couples, which will return in January as part of its three-hour Thursday night comedy block. The episode got off to a strong start, not so much thanks to jokes about how you shouldn't tell your partner to drink diet soda (which, you know, don't do that), but to a very catchy theme song penned by the New Pornographers' power-pop master A.C. Newman. Newman wrote the song specifically for the show, so he's sure doing his part to resuscitate the floundering form — theme songs these days are usually nonexistent, short and instrumental, or preexisting pop songs. The lyrics go, "The secret to the life you wanted / It’s all true / Someone's got to do it / Now we have the facets working / we’ve got through / all we need is you" (though we're not totally sure about those fourth and fifth lines. Thoughts?), so it's not quite "Everybody Knows Your Name," but, still, very nice.