Alf Producer on Racist Comments Controversy: ‘Lighten Up’


Last week, ancient outtakes from Alf were unearthed that show the cat-eating sitcom monster dropping taboo racial slurs, courtesy of puppeteer Paul Fusco. Without a standard eighties laugh track to tell us how to feel, the footage made us all a little uncomfortable, but the show's producer Steve Lamar says we're just a bunch of babies: "You're talking about 20 years ago when the world was not so ridiculously PC," he told TMZ. "Anyone that's offended needs to lighten up already." Less charitable was co-star John LaMotta (nosy neighbor Trevor Ochmonek) who had nothing to say about the controversy but still offered this welcome burn: "I thought the show Alf was a piece of shit ... worst work I ever did." [TMZ]