A.O. Scott Channels Jonathan Swift to Review Gulliver’s Travels


A.O. Scott got the short straw over at the Times movie desk today and was tasked with writing the review of Gulliver's Travels. Well, you can't say he didn't make the most of it, writing the entire thing as if it were an e-mail Jonathan Swift sent to A.O. Scott. A sample paragraph: "Indulge, rather, my views on Gulliver’s Travels which somewhat cleverly converts my great Satire into a gaudy, puerile Toy. My avowed purpose in composing that text, as any swot who has suffered the Duty and Dullness rampant in our Schools must know, was to employ my modest pen as a scourge against human Folly and the vanities of the Age. Having deemed itself unable to defeat those foes, this rendition of Gulliver’s Travels chuses rather to join them." We doff our hat to you, Mr. Scott. [NYT]