Bethenny Frankel Might Appear on More Than Six New Housewives Episodes


We were glad she broke free of the Housewives chains, but we're going to end up watching the new Real Housewives of New York season anyway, and it's a little scary to think of trucking through a whole season without Bethenny Frankel's refreshing commentary. So, we're happy to hear, via PopEater, that Frankel's contractually obligated to appear in six episodes on the upcoming season. And, "after Bravo caught a glimpse of how the new season is going, they have asked Bethenny to return for more than the six appearances." Frankel, now a Skating With the Stars star, "is very appreciative of how [Bravo] changed her life, and will probably agree to make more guest appearances on Housewives." Phew: That's means next season might still be awesome, and maybe fame hasn't gone to Frankel's head. [PopEater]