Bon Jovi Made More Money Selling Concert Tickets Than Anyone Else This Year


The year-end numbers keep on rolling in: Yesterday the top-selling albums of 2010 surfaced, and now the stats for the year's most profitable tours drop. So, yes, as that wonderfully sexy image has already tipped you off, Bon Jovi leads the pack, with $201.1 million. Congratulations, Bon Jovi! They're followed by: AC/DC, U2, Lady Gaga, Metallica, Michael Bublé, the show Walking With Dinosaurs, Paul McCartney, the Eagles, and Roger Waters. You know, at first it seemed pretty funny to us too that Walking With Dinosaurs cracked the top ten, but then we realized something: Of course it made the top ten; it's the only show on the entire list that offered one the option of walking with dinosaurs. [MTV]