Broadway Actors Getting Pissy With Julie Taymor Now


Two Broadway actors are chiming in about Monday night's accident at Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, in which lead aerialist Christopher Tierney fell 30 feet, broke ribs, and started internally bleeding. Alice Ripley, who won a Tony for her performance in Next to Normal, tweeted (all caps, natch), "SPIDERMAN SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF ITSELF. THIIS IS COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE AND EMBARRASSING TO WORKING ACTORS EVERYWHERE." Followed by, "DOES SOMEONE HAVE TO DIE? WHERE IS THE LINE FOR THE DECISION MAKERS, I AM CURIOUS." Rent's Adam Pascal had this to say on his Facebook page: "I have to weigh in on Spiderman. They should put Julie Taymor in Jail for assault! I know what its like to fall and get hurt in front of 2000 people. It's no fun, but at least it was the one time it happened. I hope whoever was hurt is ok and sues the shit out of Julie, Bono, Edge and every other asshole who invested in that steaming pile of actor crippling shit!" There's a new title for you: Spider-Man: Steaming Pile of Actor Crippling Shit. [Wrap]