Chris Martin Wrote a Song for Gwyneth Paltrow


Finally, the Martin-Paltrow union births a tangible good! That'd be “Me and Tennessee,” a song written by Mr. Martin and sung by Ms. Paltrow alongside Tim McGraw, her co-star in Country Strong (it's been out for a few weeks, but increased attention on its shot at the Best Song Oscar has just brought it to our attention). Yes, this is really a thing that is happening, and you shouldn't be too surprised: We already knew Paltrow was going Method for the flick, and the Country Strong producers probably got a great friends-and-family discount on Martin's songwriter-for-hire fees. It's funny to think about Gwyneth needling Chris about writing a song for her movie while he's fixing the shingles or something, and it's funnier to think about him actually sitting down and writing out the lyrics “in the back of my truck with the radio on.” But on pure efficacy, the end result — an extended-arms ballad with a sweeping chorus that is maybe, underneath the twang, pretty Coldplay-y (specifically “Violet Hill”?) — is hard to quibble with. Back in September, Gwyneth told People that it's “about a couple who are maybe irreparably damaged … and country music bringing people back together when they're having a difficult time in life.” So: Click to play below, lean back, and let Martin and Paltrow heal your broken soul.