Conor Oberst Revives a Pseudonym and Drops a Single


The last we heard from our friend Conor Oberst, he was protesting Arizona's stringent immigration laws with open letters and charity concerts. Now he's back on his music grind: The latest project from the Nebraskan indie-rock heartthrob will be a revival of Bright Eyes, the collective that was once Oberst's primary means of communication but that has been dormant since 2007's Cassadaga. A new album, The People's Key, is dropping in February, and it'll feature the song “Shell Games,” now readily available for listening. But why would anyone care if Bright Eyes were revived, seeing as it was always a one-man band name situation and Oberst kept making music solo? As his label, Saddle Creek, explains, "Since 2006 the once revolving cast of Bright Eyes players has settled around permanent members Conor Oberst, Mike Mogis and Nathaniel Walcott." Which means it actually is a band getting back together. Hooray! So how are they feeling? Well, if “Shell Games” is a good indication, they're beaten down but hopeful, trying as best they can to move a “heavy love” with the help of some pals and some inconspicuous synths. “I'm still angry with no reason to be,” Oberst sings, but he sounds like he's working on it.