Dan Harmon Was Hoping Damon Lindelof Wouldn’t See the Lost Joke on Community


Last night, Community took a stop-motion jab at Lost — when Abed reached the end of his prolonged search for the meaning of Christmas, all he found was a Lost season-one DVD that "represents lack of payoff" — but Damon Lindelof took it good-naturedly on the chin. "Okay, COMMUNITY. It's ON!!!!" the Lost creator tweeted. "Now if only I had a show to zing you back. And if only you weren't awesome. Sigh ... " Community executive producer Dan Harmon was taken aback, tweeting, "Oh, man, Did not want you guys to see that! Relieved you are a good sport," but it all worked out — now the two geek titans have pledged to meet for drinks, with Lindelof having revealed himself as a longtime Harmon fan, dating back to when the latter headed up sketch comedy factory Channel 101. (Might we suggest that Lindelof respond by slipping an anachronistic Community reference into the next Star Trek or Alien movies?)