Das Racist Got Kicked Out of the U.K.


They've faced off with Deborah Solomon, they've hung out in Anthony Bourdain's refrigerator — and, now, in their latest publicity coup, they've been deported out of the U.K. According to a post on their site from today: "Yesterday, because of some sticklerism on the part of UK Customs regarding paperwork, we were denied entry, detained for 8+ hours in the airport, and deported back to Switzerland. We were held in a room with books, prayer rug and compass, television and remote, and these horrible sandwiches (cheese and onion, egg and cress, etc.). Also, ‘digestive biscuits’ along with Walker’s crisps (Salt & Vinegar, Salt)...Sorry to everybody who was planning on coming to Cargo last night, it was a show and city we were all incredibly excited for and it was a shame yr govvy doesn’t like us! Because of our POLITICAL VIEWS!" [Official site]