Das Racist Was in Anthony Bourdain’s Refrigerator Last Night


In any normal holiday-cooking special, one would expect a generic baking segment with sugar cookies, roast animal of some sort, and maybe some really terrible holiday music. But for a jaded veteran like Anthony Bourdain, it’s exactly the opposite. On his special last night, while doing some “serious damage” to a cow, he opened his refrigerator to grab another ingredient. But instead of butter or a cold one, it was the heads of Das Racist's Himanshu Suri and Victor Vazquez in the fridge, nestled in a dozen jumbo eggs. The hyper-referential Brooklyn duo, fresh off a real-talk Q&A with the Times, proceeded to drop a bit of their Bourdain-referencing track "Ek Shaneesh" (“I’m from Queens, where ain’t shit to do but cook / watching Tony Bourdain, plus I copped his book / plus I copped his look / that means T-shirts and jeans”). Watch the strange, hypnotic video above.