David Fincher Won’t Let Rooney Mara’s Nipple Ring Thaw Out


During THR's recent actors roundtable, Robert Duvall was dumbfounded while discussing the method of David Fincher, a director notorious for demanding upwards of one hundred takes from his actors. Perhaps his approach does have some drawbacks; as his The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo star Rooney Mara just revealed (she's playing heavily pierced hacker Lisbeth Salander), it can be awfully brutal when you're shooting in cold Sweden and some of your jewelry begins to freeze. "It's -9 degrees Celsius. 37 takes down, only about 42 more to go," Mara wrote to EW. "Every time he says, 'Okay, last one,' I fall for it. Every. Single. Time. If only I could get this damn shrug right, then maybe I could go inside and my nipple ring would have time to thaw out ... " [Inside Movies/EW]