David O. Russell and Amy Adams Rehearsed The Fighter in the Cereal Aisle at Whole Foods


We recently heard that Amy Adams rehearsed scenes for The Fighter, David O. Russell's Micky Ward biopic, at a Whole Foods, of all places, so we asked the director for details at the premiere last night. "In Lowell we would go to the Whole Foods that was in Andover at like eleven o'clock at night," Russell admitted. And, one time: "I saw [Adams] there at this empty Whole Foods, in like the cereal aisle, and I said, 'What have you rehearsed for this scene tomorrow?'" Still in work mode, "She said, 'Let's figure it out right now.' Everybody was game. We were choreographing how I wanted it in the cereal aisle. Like, when a face smooshes, or a character delivers a straight right bam-bam! We had to practice that a couple of times." As for fellow food shoppers: "I think people were amused. They were like, Amy Adams is here! And who's that other guy?"