Did Boyz II Men Lip-Synch on TV Last Night?


Following an audio error in last night's Christmas in Rockefeller Center live special on NBC, there is some speculation as to whether Boyz II Men lip-synched their performance on the show. Shortly after Boyz II Men performed their song "This Christmas," audio of the song played just as the singer Charice and pianist David Foster were set to do their rendition of "Jingle Bell Rock." After nearly a minute of extreme awkwardness, the Boyz II Men tune cut out and Charice and Foster played their number. NBC and the Boyz II Men camp have yet to publicly comment on the incident. The error understandably did not make it to Hulu, but you can watch the clip on Mediaite. It looks pretty damning, but who knows, maybe Boyz II Men are just really good at throwing their voices and were up to some holiday mischief.

Boyz II Men Performance on NBC Christmas Special Raises Questions [ArtsBeat/NYT]