Did Derivative I Am Number Four Poster Copy Derivative Cowboys & Aliens Poster?


Posters: So contentious right now! The latest battle over one-sheets is brewing over at DreamWorks, where director Jon Favreau — already nervous about the title and release date of his film Cowboys & Aliens — is now upset that the studio's February space-twink adventure, I Am Number Four, has employed a similar poster. One problem? Favreau's is itself pretty derivative of recent one-sheet trends, whether it's the orange-blue color scheme, the cowboy figure turning his back to us, or the lack of a star face. (Still, at least it provides ample inspiration in case Harvey Weinstein would like to order up a third version of the oft-revised poster for The King's Speech: How about a stoic, silhouetted Colin Firth clutching a blue-tinged microphone?) [Deadline]