A Six-Pack, a Cowboy Hat, and Oscar Bait: Film’s Drunkest Country Singers


Take a deep sniff: Can you smell stale bourbon and shattered dreams? That must mean that it's Oscar-movie season, and it's time for another drama about a drunk country singer! This year's entry in the hallowed genre is Country Strong; as its proverbial twanging crooner in danger of drinking her career away, Gwyneth Paltrow is prompting some awards buzz (even if all it means is that she’s going to lose to Natalie Portman and/or Annette Bening). But it can’t hurt to try: Last year, Crazy Heart sneaked into Oscar season at the last minute with just a hangover, a steel guitar, and a dream and won Jeff Bridges his long-coveted statuette. Perhaps these two should form a drunk-country-singer movie supergroup with the rest of the alcoholic Oprymen and women in this slideshow. Grab a beer and enjoy! (And faint warning: There are some 25-year-old spoilers, for those running way behind on their film viewing.)