Ed O’Neill Did Not Say That Jerky Thing About Jane Lynch’s Emmy Win


Earlier this week, TV Guide quoted Ed O'Neill as saying he didn't think Jane Lynch should have won an Emmy for playing Glee's Sue Sylvester. The quote went, "I love Jane, honestly I do ... But I don't think she should have gotten the Emmy for that part. [Sue Sylvester] is just a one-note character." Turns out, he did not say this! TV Guide has issued a retraction, stating that O'Neill did not give the aforementioned jerky quote, just something sort of like it. What O'Neill actually said is "I love Jane Lynch. She is a genius. But at the same time I said 'Sofia [Vergara] could win,' because ... and I've only seen Glee a couple of ... I've only seen Glee once. But I thought Jane's role is rather one-dimensional. It's kind of strident. It's always kind of the same. I've seen her be much better. So I thought 'Sofia's funnier,' and I think she is in these two comparative roles. Anyway, Jane won. But I was hoping that Sofia would." [Inside TV/EW]