Somewhere’s Elle Fanning Is Adorable, Even If Her TV Tastes Are Creepy


Dakota and Elle Fanning's parents clearly made an effort to give their children normal childhoods. Dakota's homecoming queen election has been well-documented, and on Thursday night, when we caught up with Elle, 12, at the Tribeca premiere of her new film, Sofia Coppola's Somewhere, she told us a prototypical tween tale: When she and her sis used to share a room, "My side was crazy messy and my sister's side was perfect." It's everysister! Then we asked what she likes to do with her sibling, expecting tales of hair-braiding and iCarly marathons. "Our favorite thing in the world is to go in my mom’s bedroom to watch Criminal Minds," said Fanning the Younger, who has guest-starred on the grisly serial-murder show twice. "We TiVo like 50 episodes at a time and watch them over and over again. That’s, like, our thing that we do together." So no matter how real your parents try to keep it, that's what happens to your pop-culture tastes when you guest-star on CSI: Miami at age 5.