Eminem Does a Great Dr. Dre Impersonation


A T.I.-featuring version of “Topless” leaked, without Dre's vocals, all the way back in February of 2009, and was immediately rushed to Hot 97. Now, with Detox seemingly on track for release at some point before we all die of old age, another (now T.I.-free) version of “Topless” has made it to the Internet — and it still doesn't have any Dre vocals on it. That's cool, though, because what it does have (along with Nas, who was on the original) is Eminem, pretending to be Dre, which is way more entertaining than just hearing Dre once he's already memorized his ghostwritten lyrics. Not that you'd be surprised to hear this, but after years of buddy-buddy-ism, Em has Dre's voice down pat. Lyrics that are just right for the Doctor but really weird to hear coming out of Eminem's mouth: “ghetto idol / I think, but what do I know”, “the hood stood by me just like I thought it would,” “you can catch me anywhere where there's Bacardi at / yeah, Andre's back so have a cardiac / started back with the black Raiders Starter cap / gangsta rap, we practically fucking started that.” Awesome.