Excitement Over Keeping Celebrities Off Twitter Outweighs Intended AIDS Fund-raising


Would you make a small charitable donation to keep overexposed celebrities off Twitter? Even better: What if you didn't have to contribute one red cent, and it was that very abstemiousness that would prevent Ryan Seacrest from ever micro-blogging again? Such is the dilemma facing celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Justin Timberlake after their participation in a novel campaign meant to raise one million dollars for World AIDS Day. The celebrities withdrew from Twitter and posed in coffins, promising that their digital lives wouldn't be resurrected until the fund-raising figure was reached. Since then, donations have been slim, topping out at just $160,000 this morning, which suggests that the celebrities may have to stay off Twitter far longer than intended (who will be the first to break?), and that the image of Kardashian in a coffin was meant to provoke actual concern about her welfare and not idle curiosity about her dressmaker and private retouching artist. [PopEater]