Former Onscreen Siblings Anne Hathaway and Jesse Eisenberg Now Animated Lovebirds in Rio


Back in 1999, Jesse Eisenberg and Anne Hathaway shared their first onscreen credit ever: They starred as brother and sister in the short-lived Fox family dramedy Get Real. Their careers have taken off since then, and after a pretty big 2010 for each, they will reunite in next year's animated comedy Rio, voicing two blue macaws who really need to have sex with each other. No, really, that is the plot of an animated movie: how two endangered birds need to make love, and yet are thwarted from doing so. (Oddly, this seemingly problematic idea was also the plot of Pixar's recently scuttled film Newt.) Awkward? Maybe just a little, but hey: Even semi-incestuous animated birds need love sometimes.