Fox Markets Fringe With New ‘Friday Death Slot’ Ad


Just call it "truth in advertising." When Fox decided to revamp its mid-season schedule by moving American Idol to Thursdays starting in January — a decision that would boot Fringe to the low-watched Friday at 9 p.m. time slot — fans of the sci-fi serial were understandably alarmed. After all, ratings for Fringe have already dropped to worrisome levels, and Fox has a history of canceling Friday genre shows when they underperform (though usually, such snuffings involve Joss Whedon). Well, the network has heard your cries of concern; in fact, Fox's marketing department has cut an ad specifically about the so-called "Friday death slot," quoting many of the doom-predicting bloggers who freaked out about the time change. "You may think Friday night is dead," the ad acknowledges, "but we're gonna re-animate it." Candor!