Glee vs. YouTube: Who Did ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ Best?


Last night's Glee delivered a comfy megadose of Christmas spirit: Brittany still believes in Santa Claus! Sue is the Grinch! Gift of the Magi! (Okay, that one wasn't so comfy.) And coziest of all, Kurt and Blaine's standout version of "Baby, It's Cold Outside." But was the pair's rendition of this classic duet better than Rock Hudson and Mae West, Selma Blair and Rainn Wilson, hand puppets, and more? (Only actual videos were held in consideration. Sorry Bing, Dean, Rod.)

Take a look at these versions and tell us: Who did it best?

As Performed By

Jovi and Buddy

The closest Elf should ever have come to being a musical.

As Performed By

Selma Blair and Rainn Wilson

My, what beautiful Gap sweaters you're wearing.

As Performed By

Lady Antebellum

We bet it's actually pretty warm outside in Nashville.

As Performed By

Penguin and Duckling

Wow! These puppets sound just like Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Jordan! Amazing!

As Performed By

Rock Hudson and Mae West

And nobody knew ...

As Performed By

Blaine and Kurt

Blaine, please be nice to him! Can't you see he's fragile?