Glee vs. YouTube: Who Did ‘Don’t Cry for Me Argentina’ Best?


It's about damn time we got to hear Rachel flex her diva pipes again. As Kurt put it in last night's episode, "You are as brilliant and talented as you are irritating," and what better vindication for the diva denied her shot at sectionals than a soul-shattering, face-pulling rendition of the Andrew Lloyd Weber classic, "Don't Cry for Me Argentina"? But not so fast, Berry: You've got the likes of Sinead O'Connor, Donna Summer, and Georghe Zamfir, master of the pan flute, hot on your heels.

Watch these versions and tell us: Who did it best?

As Performed By

Sinead O'Connor

One person who wasn't crying for her: Pope John Paul II.

As Performed By

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

The line about "my wild days" has particular resonance.

As Performed By

Donna Summer

It's a short distance from First Lady of Disco to First Lady of Argentina.

As Performed By

De Kopper -bloazers

Much appreciation to anyone who can teach us how to pronounce their name.

As Performed By

Georghe Zamfir

This is more than performance ... this is communion.

As Performed By

Rachel and Kurt

The only way divas know how to duet: as two separate solos.